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Exceptional Water and Wastewater System Integrator

Improve reliability and stay within permit limits with QDS Systems industry solutions

water and wasterwaterTrust QDS Systems to meet all the water and wastewater system integration needs of industries, municipalities, and OEM manufacturers. Our professional services include project installation and management, system process design and engineering, automated data compilation and reporting, maintenance service, and a 24-hour emergency callout service.

Since 1996 we have been offering a wide range of system solutions for water treatment and distribution as well as wastewater collection and treatment – all with EPA compliance in mind. As a licensed professional engineering firm and licensed electrical contractor, QDS Systems offers industries everywhere access to low-risk, safe, and simplified water and wastewater automation technology.

QDS Systems provides:

  • a variety of systems solutions to industries and municipalities
  • engineering capability and a broad knowledge of control systems for water & wastewater
  • PLC and DCS-based central control integrating SCADA, telemetry and data logging
  • project management experience with human-machine interfaces, motor control, and drives, and
  • control and instrumentation systems for a turnkey solution.

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Whether an organization is looking to upgrade aging systems, to expand to keep up with increased demand, or to start from scratch, QDS Systems provides engineering expertise and a significant depth of knowledge to help meet their water and wastewater integration needs. As well, we are a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), so clients can be confident they are getting the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

We provide solutions for water and wastewater system integration and get organizations the results they need. QDS Systems helps clients reduce costs, increase throughput, use less energy, and lower their environmental impacts.

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