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Process System Engineering

Process System EngineeringWith more than three decades of experience designing process control and instrumentation systems, QDS Systems has the expertise you need for your process and system engineering project. Our professional engineers are both qualified and experienced in the areas of systems control, electrical, mechanical and bio-mechanical engineering.

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Industrial Automation Support

Industrial Automation SupportReduce your company’s downtime with trusted industrial automation support from the QDS Systems team of experts. Our team of experienced industrial automation engineers (on call 24/7) quickly and reliably provides solutions to production problems.

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Panel Fabrication

Panel FabricationNo matter what your industry needs, QDS Systems is your one-stop-shop for all panel fabrication services. Our panel experts have been providing smart, high quality solutions to our customers since 1996. With experience working with industries ranging from water treatment plants to steel suppliers to petrochemical industries, QDS Solutions offers panel fabrication services that meet all needs and get businesses back to doing what they do best.

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Engineered Drive Systems

Engineered Drive SystemsLet QDS Systems package a turnkey solution for your engineered drive system. With our broad knowledge of major manufacturers’ drive systems, we can combine one manufacturer’s drives with another’s process systems and select the best-value hardware for your organization’s specific needs.

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SCADA System Integration

SCADA System IntegrationThere are so many ways the SCADA system integration from QDS Systems improves operations for businesses. Thanks to our SCADA system integration that ensures maintenance personnel are directly paged for critical alarms that occur after hours, our customers save money on labor costs by allowing unattended plant operations.

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Custom Machine Fabrication

Custom Machine FabricationTired of having to deal with custom machine fabrication roadblocks due to non-feasible designs? Trust the extensive experience of the QDS Systems professional engineers who are formally trained in systems lean engineering design principles and mechanical design. Because of our wide-ranging experience in power, controls, instruments, and motion/position drive systems we can design and commission almost any machine.

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