Custom Machine Fabrication

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Customized Designs by Professional Engineers

Custom Machine FabricationTired of having to deal with custom machine fabrication roadblocks due to non-feasible designs? Trust the extensive experience of the QDS Systems professional engineers who are formally trained in systems lean engineering design principles and mechanical design. Because of our wide-ranging experience in power, controls, instruments, and motion/position drive systems we can design and commission almost any machine.

Our proven project methodology allows QDS Systems to perform completion feasibility studies on non-performing machine designs and come up with alternate solutions to design, build and commission the machines. We are also able to re-design second generation machines based on an existing design that improves the original production speed and broadens the product line flexibility.

The custom machine fabrication services from QDS Systems include:

  • conceptual machine design and detailed machine design
  • machine control system specification
  • mechanical  and electrical design
  • machine fabrication and testing, and
  • machine commissioning.

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Our experienced engineering staff have come up with solutions to a variety of custom machine fabrication challenges including gas analysis testing automation, designing and building a dual-pouch machine that automated the production of plastic and fabric pouches with indexer, heat-sealing dies and wheels, and knife and material dispensers, and designing and building a machine that automated the production of fabric belts with material dispensers cut to length, Velcro tab die cutting, and critical tolerance belt and tab placement.

If it’s in the area of systems, control, electrical, mechanical and bio-mechanical, our engineers can design and build it. With our willingness to customize designs to specific customer needs and accommodate schedules you can rely on QDS Systems to get the job done.

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