Process System Engineering

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Process System EngineeringWith more than three decades of experience designing process control and instrumentation systems, QDS Systems has the expertise you need for your process and system engineering project. Our professional engineers are both qualified and experienced in the areas of systems control, electrical, mechanical and bio-mechanical engineering.

QDS Systems can accommodate both uncertain and changing requirements that often occur during a process system engineering project. We can provide fast-track designs built on proven platforms – even with short lead times. Our communication network designs can integrate an organization’s mismatched systems. This integration leads to improved maintainability and reduced downtime for our customers.

The engineering procurement and construction services available from QDS Systems include:

  • project planning/scoping (including project front-end engineering design study)
  • project management and project commissioning
  • conceptual process design, detailed process design, and mechanical design
  • communications/telemetry infrastructure specification and design, and
  • process control system specification.

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QDS Systems has experience planning, designing, and engineering everything from turnkey bun batch processing to major grain elevator and related safety systems, to communications network planning. We offer free cost estimation, CSIA-certified control and information systems integrator status, and project methodology and business systems that have been audited since 2003.

The process and systems engineering work offered by QDS Systems includes environmentally hardened mobile systems that withstand corrosion, high vibration, and hazardous environments. All our digital turnkey plug-connected designs can be easily tested and shipped for easy re-assembly and commissioning later. QDS Systems is your best bet to meet unusual service requirements and provide hardened designs for difficult environments.

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